The McShane family

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The McShane Family is a talented group of young performers. This musical family consists of five siblings ranging in age from eleven to twenty years. The eldest of the group is Russell followed by Sarah Fay, Kathlene, Bernadette and Quentin.

Born on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, they have spent their lives in the quaint town of Qualicum Beach.

Singing is the family’s passion. The children also play a wide variety of musical instruments. These include the violin, piano, flute, piccolo, recorder, Irish tin whistle, Celtic bodhran, and the alto and baritone saxophone.

The family has grown up in a home filled with music, where singing came as naturally as talking. This has resulted in the development of their beautiful melodious voices.

Over the years, the family has acquired a vast and very diverse musical repertoire, appealing to a wide variety of musical tastes and styles. From classical and sacred pieces to contemporary music, jazz, musical theatre, and traditional music, with a special fondness for the beautiful Celtic Music of their Irish and Scottish heritage.

To this effect, the family has much to offer their audience, as their music reaches people of many different musical persuasions. With a strong sense of musicianship, they deliver their songs in a touching emotive manner and are a pleasure to watch on stage. Put it all together and it creates a performance well worth remembering.

Music has always been an important part of the McShane Family. It brings them much joy to sing and share their love of music with others. It is a sentiment they hope carries over to their audience.


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